Asian Ocean Inc Limited offer many consulting and management services for yachts, dive centers, liveaboards and any related recreational dive businesses – dive equipment retail, dive travel, etc.

Within our consulting services we also advise on setting up of resort based dive centers, onboard dive centers, facilities and supply of the latest diving and emergency equipments. We can supply detailed diving itineraries and assist in preparation planning for any chosen location. We specialize in South East Asia, but provide a wide scope of consulting services for the whole world.


Asian Ocean Inc Limited is a leading consultancy agency focused in luxury diving holidays, being the first of its kind in South East Asia, we provide diving  itinerary services, dive management and consulting services across the world to super yachts, charter companies, luxury 5 Star resorts, VIP individuals and the luxury scuba diving market.

Asian Ocean Inc Limited ‘s objective is to provide safe, seamless, luxury scuba diving consultancy services to professionals and amateurs alike. All in an atmosphere of trust, focusing strongly on service, safety, environmental awareness and conservation. This achieved through highly specialized professionals and by using our Brand Standards.

Whether at one of our affiliated dive centers , your private yacht or at a dive destination of your choosing, we’ll be there for you bringing luxury scuba diving to new heights.

We offer the ultimate paradise adventure in unspoilt, inaccessible and unexplored territory. Our service is tailored to your party’s specific needs and skills. From novices to experienced divers we guarantee to offer you the adventure of a lifetime.

Our South East Asia services include but are not limited to:

  • Yacht Itinerary Planning or supply detailed Diving Yacht Itineraries for a chosen location or a full season trip.
  • Dive Management and Consulting Services for on board facilities, advising on setting up on board dive centres, facilities and supply of the latest diving emergency equipment.


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  • A thorough evaluation of your dive business
  • Specific sales training service to dive centers
  • Asian Ocean Inc Limited affiliation/partner program
  • Video/photo lab setup service
  • Dive Center/Dive Business Brokering
  • Enhance your current service or build new luxury yacht
  • Provide yacht itinerary planning for one dive or full season
  • Implement any additional safety and standard procedures




  • Onboard instructor services
  • Offers diving itinerary service for almost any locations worldwide
  • Offers designated bespoke dive itinerary planning services

  • Advise and implement any additional safety and standard procedures that may be required for a chosen location

  • Build in and organize the collection and supply of diving equipment


Antonio Martinez
Antonio MartinezDirector
He has started his first dive center in Canary Islands at the age of 27. With nearly 12 years’ experience in the recreational diving field, 3 successful dive centers and a dive resort he has realized the need to provide dive consulting agency on a global scale with the service, personnel, passion and attention that it requires. And so the concept of Asian Ocean Inc Limited was born.
Antonio is the driving force behind everything that we do here at Asian Ocean Inc Limited and he tirelessly works to improve every aspect of our company, on a never ending search for people, services and products that will keep the Asian Ocean Inc Limited no1 company in its field.
Antonio’s heart will always be under the water, but while above it he always thinks big and pursues his dream of providing the best global luxury diving services possible.
Maciej Pepereczo
Maciej PepereczoOperational Director
Together with Antonio Martinez he has started his first dive center in Bali, Indonesia in 2011. He has transformed this dynamic and prosperous dive center into a dive resort. Indispensable from the beginning, he is responsible for all the things that have to be done to keep our companies going. He is also our ‘go-to’ person when we are stuck for new ideas or need to be reined in about the feasibility of our latest vision for Asian Ocean Inc Limited and other companies future. With nearly 10 years’ experience in the recreational diving field, and 2 successful dive center and a dive resort he has proven to be one of our biggest assets.


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